About Us

At Wheels, we trace our roots back to 1936, when Ernest A. Wiehl, Sr. founded Consumers Propane, Inc. in Fairfield, Connecticut.  Before long, the company expanded from propane sales to petroleum distribution, and began to operate a few service stations.  It changed its name to Consumers Petroleum when Ernest Wiehl Jr. joined his father in the 1950s.  Under his leadership, Consumers branched into a few other companies and trade names - including Gastop and Friendly Service - which primarily operated service stations.  Like most similar locations of that era, these were old fashioned gas stations – some with full-service fueling and auto repair facilities, and one or two offered candy and soft drinks for retail sale.  Ernest Jr. also acquired the Secondi Brothers Truck Stop in Milford, Connecticut, which included a full diner restaurant and diesel mechanic shop.  A few of those very early locations – including Secondi’s - are still operational to this day, as premium-quality Wheels stores.  

Richard Wiehl joined his father at the family business in the late 1970s, and led the company toward converting those old service stations to premium convenience stores in the 1990s.  We continued to refurbish, convert, and acquire new locations throughout the 2000s, and as the success of those convenience stores grew, it became increasingly apparent that it was time for us to name ourselves.  With more than 70 years of family tradition behind it, the very first Wheels store opened in Stratford, Connecticut in 2008. 

Since then, Wheels has continued to grow.  We now have over 25 locations across Connecticut, and counting!  We are still family-owned and operated, and it is our mission to offer our communities the best convenience store experience in the region through outstanding customer service, premium quality goods, and great prices.  At Wheels, we care where you go.